Chapter 1: Initiation

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Chapter 1: Initiation

Post by THE DRAGON on Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:28 pm

A boy and girl, both scared and in ragged clothes, in the underbelly of the city known as Spirit Academy. Their names are Kader and Aisha respectively, both 18 years old.
They live in a renovated home riddled with security, they themselves dislike this but have no choice, as they also with two spirits that act as their "weapons". 
It is early in the morning, the sun slowly rising.
Kader is getting into what appears to be a combat uniform for students whilst Aisha does not. She walks about the kitchen of the home in her attire and wearing flip flops on her feet, cooking food for the two of them, a simple eggs on toast with bacon some greens and baked beans.
Kader arrives into the kitchen area and looks at Aisha as he walks to the kitchen counter, "Your not dressed sister."
"Of course not", she responds. "Why should I be? Its not like its mandatory or anything. Can you get the plates and eating utensils out, I'm almost finished cooking our breakfast."
Kader complies, walking over to the kitchen cupboard where the plates and bowls are kept, taking out two plates and setting them out on the kitchen counter, then goes to a drawer in the counter and pulls out two spoons, forks and knives and puts them on a nearby table where two chairs face eachother across the small wooden table, the table and chairs enxt to a window with a view of the undercity.
Aisha places even portions of the finally cooked breakfast on each plate, taking the plates of food to the table with one held in each hand, she sets the plates down gently onto the table and the two take a seat.
Two glasses fillled with water are placed next their plates with serviettes by a tall man wearing a skull of a deer as mask or perhaps its hits his head? you cannot see his eyes. He wears a black suit and pants with a white dress shirt and an orange vest.
Kader looks up at the man, "Thank you... Mortis?"
The man nods, "Yes, that is indeed what they call me, young master. I am honored that you still remembered."
Aisha looks at him after she swallows a mouth full of vegetables, "I assume you've done your service for the departed that died recently out here?"
"Yes, indeed I have. As the "god of death", 'tis my duty to guide the dead so that they don't wander. Especially here, of all places."
Soon, the siblings finish their breakfast and clean their dishes and get ready to go out... for it is also the first day at the academy, the school they go to here in Spirit Academy: A School whose entire grounds is not just the Academy itself but the entire city.

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